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Tegu Pocket Pouch Prism


The Tegu Pocket Pouch Prism is an heirloom toy, meant to be passed from generation to generation. Its a modern twist on the classic building block. The Pocket Pouch is also the perfect intro to the world of Tegu wooden blocks. Its the perfect toy for the purse, restaurant, airplane, or desk. Sustainably sourced, with FSC-certified Honduran hardwoods, they feature water based paints. The pocket pouch is naturally safe, with no plastic, or lead and all eco friendly materials.
Product Details:
*Ages 1+.
*Includes 8 blocks in 2 shapes: 4 cubes and 4 short planks.
*Fully compatible with ALL other Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks.
*Simple, heirloom-quality toy that will last for generations.
*Perfect for those seeking toys that allow for open-ended and unscripted play.
*Origin: Designed in the USA, purposefully made in Honduras.