15 hilarious situations any mother can relate to!

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So I stepped away for like two seconds…” has to be the beginning of every parenting horror story! We love our kids to death but most times it feels as if they drive us crazy instead. The one thing that stands true is that Moms’ Rock and it’s amazing that they have a whole day dedicated to them in appreciation of all that they do! We at Egg New York treasure Mothers and the second-best sound after a baby’s laugh is always that of a mother. We gathered a few quotes from other mothers, new & experienced, just for laughs, in hopes that it will make you feel less alone in your daily struggles! Happy Mothers Day!

Isn’t privacy the first thing you felt you lost as soon as your little one was able to crawl? Even more when they were able to reach that higher shelf!

Do you remember when you had a taste in shows and real TV programs you cared about? We know you’re exhausted from repeating the same cartoon episode 15 times in a row.

Mentally we know you even play around with the idea of being a totally different person with many spontaneous circumstances, and you’re forgiven!

Yes. You are turning into your mother. At least now you can completely approve of her mothering tactics!

It’s fascinating how the kids believe you’re a magical being who can multi-task to robotic levels.

Your little “me time” indulgences are a thing of the past because they can find you anywhere. Even a toilet break is a luxury they won’t grant you!

When was the last time you put on decent amounts of makeup and felt like you had done a great job? It’s probably because no amount of makeup can cover up lack of sleep!

Turn the volume up on the mental background music for effect!

You really don’t have to apologize about it as much when you’re late for things, we completely understand!

It’s almost ridiculous how your kid won’t quickly grasp the concept of sharing. After all that you do! So ungrateful, right?

This involves too many formerly disgusting things. Puke, terrible flu and inevitable diapers which we will now refer to as “Booty Calls”

Just when you thought you would be the better mother with a stricter manner. The child still yells in public. Reminder: You’re the adult.

Sharing of responsibilities is a struggle we all have to face as mothers. Dad is just the older child.

Let’s be honest. Most times it’s just the kids. For 23 seconds, at least.

Well, you thought Alpha Mom was a cool title!

We hope this collection was able to brighten up your day as much as it did for us! It’s a hope too that you managed to finish reading the post, no matter how many times you had to drop it and return! Happy Mothers Day, Mama!


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