A New York City guide to the best festivals to visit with kids and of course, what to wear!

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Remember the days when you used to throw on an outfit, grab some friends and head to your favourite festival for a weekend of music, laughs and definitely a drink or two? With the kids in tow, going to a festival might not have quite the same appeal. However, more and more festivals are gearing up for families, maybe it’s time to dig out that flower headband and introduce your family to the world of festivals!

Tips for how to handle a festival with children:

Keep it simple

For your first festival experience it’s probably a good idea to go for a one day festival rather than throw yourselves in the deep end with a full on camping experience. Pick a festival that has got lots on for kids, get there early and make a day of it. Let them soak up that festival vibe and see how it goes! If it’s a hit maybe next year you’ll be brave enough to become all-out festival goers!

Practice makes perfect

If you’ve decided to go for the full-on festival experience, camping and all, then it’s worth having a practice run first. Try camping in the garden or find your nearest camping venue and get the kids used to sleeping in the tent. Don’t expect them to go to bed at their usual bedtime. Remember, being at a festival is all about letting go of those routines and enjoying a little bit more freedom. Embrace it!

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Don’t be afraid of a little dirt!

Try to relax and don’t worry about the kids being grubby. Let them enjoy the great outdoors and get close to nature. Make sure you have plenty of spare clothes, a few baby wipes for mucky faces and you’ll be good to go. Your Egg Baby wardrobe will wash beautifully when you get home!

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Keep cool with a sunshade

If you’re heading to one of the amazing festivals in and around New York this summer you’ll need to be prepared for the sun. Having an umbrella or parasol that you can pop up to shade the little ones is a must. If your toddler still naps, make sure you have somewhere comfy for them to sleep in the shade.

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New York Summer Festivals

So which festival will you be heading to this summer? New Yorkers are lucky to have a great choice of summer festivals.

The Lincoln Centre Out of Doors Festival

In it’s 48th year this festival brings a range of exciting dance and music performances to New York City. Running from July 24th to August 12th there’s plenty of opportunities for some family fun. With it’s famous family day this is the perfect place for a taste of the festival experience.


The Panorama festival is brought to Randalls Island Park by the same people who organize the iconic Coachella in California. This three-day event is one of the best in the New York calendar. The line-up this year looks amazing with The Killers, Janet Jackson and loads of other big names. Children are welcome and ages 2 and under are free. You can’t camp on Randall’s Island so this is a good one for those of you who like to get home to your own bed!

Kids Fest – Madison Square Park

If you’re looking for something more aimed at little ones then Kids Fest is the perfect choice. This is a free family festival hosted in Madison Square Park. This event is designed for children aged 0-12 and their families. It features a whole range of performers providing music, dance, theatre, puppetry, magic and storytelling. The perfect start to your family festival-going tradition!

If you want to head further afield then check out TimeOut’s best music festivals guide.

Whatever festival you choose we hope you have the best time! Don’t forget to share your pics with us @eggbysusanlazar

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