Baby essentials that you just can’t live without

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There are so many baby products out there. As a new parent it can be really difficult to work out what is really a “must-have” item and what is just hype. There’s so much on your mind before your baby arrives, it can be really easy to just get swept along and think that you need to buy every single thing in the baby store! In this blog we take a look at some of the best baby products out there to help you decide which items you should be investing in and which items you can pass on.

The best stroller

Possibly one of the most important purchases for your baby. It’s certainly one that you’ll use the most over the first few years of your baby’s life. It’s really important to do your research before you make the decision to purchase a stroller. It can be a big financial outlay and you don’t want stroller-envy when you’re out and about! Take the time to test out different strollers, make sure you see how easy (or not) they are to put up and down. Check how easy it is to manoeuvre and how heavy it is BEFORE you get baby in there!

We’ve done our research and we’re pretty sure that we’ve found the one! The YOYO from Babyzen is really the must-have stroller. This stroller will take you from newborn to toddler in style! It is so convenient with it’s easy to collapse frame which you can carry like a bag, easily stow in your car and is even sized for most cabin baggage. The YOYO is stocked in all of our Egg Baby stores so pop along to try one out:

The best baby clothes

Of course, here at Egg Baby we firmly believe that our babywear range is the best for your little one. Made with the softest fabrics, all of our baby clothes are designed with love by Susan Lazar, a mom herself. Susan truly understands your need to wrap baby in soft warm fabrics whilst keeping an eye on style.

The Egg Baby Layette range combines natural fabrics and stunning design. With everything you need to welcome baby home, our basic layette range includes super-cosy gowns for easy night-time changes and snuggly all in one footies for cuddly days. Take a look at these two cuties looking snuggly in their Egg Baby rompers:

The cutest toys

The Meri Meri range of baby rattles are just perfect for tiny hands. The organic cotton is soft to the touch with beautiful, pastel colored designs, these little rattles make the perfect gift or welcome home present for baby.










The best for imaginative play

The wonderful Dikla from Girl Plus Two loves the Tegu Magnetic Blocks sets. She says:

“These Eco friendly and safe magnetic blocks get my kiddos super creative! I love watching their imaginations run wild!” 

A post shared by Tegu (@tegutoys) on

The best of the rest

We weren’t sure exactly which category this one should go in but we definitely think it’s a must-have item! The Baby Sheepskin Rug is made with Australian Sheepskin which is renowned for it’s powerful benefits that help calm and nurture babies. Not just for winter, the sheepskin will keep baby cool in warmer months and cosy on cold days so it works for every season. A year-round product means you really get the most for your money! Just pop the rug in baby’s car seat or stroller and you can be confident that they will be comfortable and nurtured whatever the weather.


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