Catch me if you can – feet so comfy that they don’t stop running

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We love shoes! Who doesn’t right?! Whilst for us adults the perfect pair of shoes can complete our outfit and it’s generally all about style and getting the right look, for children there is so much more to consider.

As a parent, shoe buying can actually feel like quite a challenge sometimes. We definitely want our little ones to look cute and have shoes which complement their outfit but we know it’s really important to get the right fit. This can be tough sometimes, especially with really young children who can’t really tell you whether their shoes are comfy or not. Then you’ve got the issue with older children who will insist that the shoe fits just because they like it (well, we’ve all been there haven’t we?!)

Here are a few top tips on picking the right shoes for your children:

1 – lightweight and flexible material is really important to support movement.

2 – leather is best for breathability

3 – rubber soles help prevent slips

Because we understand that you want to have the most comfortable, practical shoes for your children without compromising on style, we partner with the wonderful people over at Old Soles. The philosophy at Old Soles works so well with our own; the ideals of comfort, practicality, style and love! The Old Soles shoe ranges aim to provide style, comfort and protection for growing little feet.

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Infant shoes

Infant shoes are perhaps the most important shoes you’ll ever buy! The delicate bones in baby feet are still developing so it’s really important to have soft, pliable material to give them freedom of movement and protection. We just love the Rose Gold Gabrielle Mary Jane for baby girls and the Bambini Market Sneaker for baby boys. Lightweight and crafted from soft, natural leather, they are super flexible, breathable and safe for sensitive skin. Non-slip rubber soles ensure a firm and sturdy grip:



Shop the Rose Gold Gabrielle Mary Jane





Shop the Bambini Market Sneaker




Toddlers and older children

As your little one moves from the baby to the toddler stage their walking may become more confident but their little feet are still busy forming and developing. It is still really important for young children to have a shoe that is designed to work with their growing feet. Try one of these gorgeous styles:








We just love this super cool high-top design! Shop the Stardom High-Top









This comfortable and trendy sneaker features color blocking and easy velcro closures. Shop the Old Soles Toko Shoe.

The perfect summer shoe

Looking for something for summer? A sandal is, of course, the perfect option. You need to be careful when choosing sandals though as straps can easily rub sensitive skin on little feet. The Old Soles range of sandals are so soft and comfortable that they’ll be running all summer in any of these cute designs:









The Old Soles Sandy Sandal is a classic take on the strappy sandal, these feature adjustable Velcro straps, a sturdy rubber stole and soft leather upper.









The Metallic Tish Sandal is a stylish, strappy sandal, perfect for your little fashionista!









The Old Soles Hero Sandal is perfect for the summer. Keep cool in this classic design with soft leather and easy Velcro closures.

Check out all of our Old Soles styles

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