How to be a Mom and still win in the Fall.

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Alright, we get it, being a Mom is a tough job all year. Still an understatement? Being a Mom is D-I-F-F-I-C-U-L-T! There I said it! With all the different seasons coming and going, any Mom wants just one season where she can say she totally nailed Motherhood. If you’re a working Mom, I’m sure “nailing Motherhood” is a task you’ve trashed decades ago. I’ve compiled a list for the working Mom and the gorgeous housewife to refer to anytime its Fall and you need assistance selecting an outfit. 

The weather makes it seem like we’re still in summer right now so whatever you decide to do, the outfits are bound to be summerish. It’ll be a little while before it starts to cool down but for now, let’s go to a Rock Concert. What says cool better than a Mom that takes her kids to rock concerts? If you’ve always liked these, then you’re in luck because Madison Square Garden usually has a couple running. If this location is too far from where you are, I’m sure your city is bound to have something going on. Visualizations of rock concerts bring out flashy and cool, which the kids will love to adorn! We found this in our premium boutique store,

See a Broadway Show, whenever you happen to be in New York. If you’ve been to one already, you know it’s a must-do and if you haven’t, do it with your babies. Another cool thing about New York is one of our coolest boutique’s is there and you just might run into a sale. We’d love to see you already wearing some Egg merch. Broadway Shows are all about musicals and basically art. It’s definite dress-up time and our adorable models make it ten times better! Now your little one can dress like the stars too.

Taking A Walking Tour wherever you are is an awesome way to say an unofficial goodbye to summer and watch as the environment starts to get ready for the next season. There’s always tons to see, learn and perhaps a bit of walking. If you’re up for this then we found this in our collection to complement a beautiful day,


Be A Tourist In Your Own City and re-discover the parts of your city that make it stand out. The touristy feeling is best brought out by chill outfits that are both comfortable and effortlessly charming. Egg has full coverage on almost any fashion accessory you might need to make this happen and make it memorable. This caught our eye, however.

Visit A Children’s Museum because these professionals know how to keep your child dazed in case you need a second to breathe. This is also an advantage for the reason that they get to learn a ton of stuff in one day. Museum wear is usually smart casual but children’s museums don’t make much of a fuss. Your darling will look amazing wearing this chic piece from our boutique.

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