In Fall we wear “cute”

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Fall is such an aesthetic! Apart from the overall beauty of the leaves on the ground and the rich browns, the outfits perfect for this season are much calmer shades. We love how the colors give a grounding effect to a piece of clothing with a quick blend to the rest of the outside environment. Our Fall collection is full of these beauties but here’s a quick look at some of our newest ones plus a few grand older choices. 

Before we even talk about the gorgeous shade, let’s talk about how you can visually touch the material on this sweetheart. It looks sooooo soft and likely stretchy too. Her sweet rosy cheeks stand out so well and we’re so sure your little girl will too.  

Our back to school gear for the boys is Fall friendly and we’re completely smitten with how it looks! It’s warm, it’s cosy and absolutely stylish with a dash of color that looks borrowed from grunge fashion. The shades aren’t too loud so they’ll be subtle on school grounds.

The wool-inspired grey dress is a muse especially when it is paired up with such a daring color in leggings. The outfit looks warm and chic plus the model look gives a realistic look of how kids look at the end of a school day. Our boy model’s look is reserved but it does not lack the pop of color that makes Fall season special. We’d pick both outfits super quickly.

Looking cool for back to school is a must, especially for our Egg Babies! Our new stock arrivals focus on more finer fabrics other than wool-inspired ones. Jeans, tees, leggings and faux-fur are all on the list for a jamming school season.

A much older piece in our stock, the gender-neutral bobbiset comes in a variety of colors that are fit for pretty much most seasons. They look cute and are super convenient for when you’re out and about with your little one or just chilling indoors. 

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