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Around 1935, the short jacket was introduced as the generally accepted vogue after having the long tailcoat and redingote. This announcement in the Adam Magazine, brought along with the years, variations of jackets that have brought us to the ones we so love passionately. That’s enough on the jacket history lesson. Hopefully, it’ll be a fun conversation-starter over a yummy cocktail.

We’re super excited about our current jacket collection, which is why we went through that history ramble. The colors, textures and overall aesthetic make them so much more than just regular jackets. The premium quality does state a lot but wait till you get a sneak peek of just what they look like. Whatever age your child is, there’s something here that is sure to inspire you to grab one or maybe even two pieces.



We would gladly want a high-five clad in these sublime jackets. The inspo from army print is undeniable but this one has a lightness to it that brings out a more cheerful vibe. We know your boys will be so tempted to put this on top of their Boy Scout uniforms or really just escape into a wild adventure with this on. Everyday is truly an adventure when you have an army print gilet!

We couldn’t wait to say something about this new arrival. It truly has that Midas Gold touch effect that turns the wearer straight into a gold star.  Perfect for back to school season, it also blends pretty well in concerts and like events. Another fantastic quality is that it’ll be an effortless task pointing out your child in a playground full of little darlings running around!

The Lenox Vest in Pink holds more than just a feminine power to it. It’s perfect for Autumn therefore it’ll provide ample warmth for your child. The outdoors offer so many adventures which is why this vest paired up with cool boots is a must to keep her dry and cold-free. Our adorable model wore this so well, and by the look on her face we wish we could get a bigger size of the Lenox Vest in Pink. 

Fuzzy jackets are great for hugs, warmth and autumn. These two pieces can act as an interesting fashion statement, especially the Abby jacket in Leopard.  Don’t worry, it is faux fur, which means it’s environment friendly. The Abby jacket in cream is equally premium quality and quite easy to clean as well. It has a royal look to it plus the sparkle in both jackets on the sleeves and neck area are just pleasing to the eye. 

There is no way we were going to talk about jackets and leave out this marvel. The shimmer on this jacket is just to die for!  It gives off a mermaid-scales feel to it but diverts to straight party with its hot pink. We can’t picture a sad little girl wearing this, and our model is a clear example. It is best matched up with lighter colors for a girlish effect and darker shades for a mysterious glam look. 

It’s more of a blazer but we like this formal jacket and it just had to make it to this list. Our cute model is such a handsome gentleman and he wore it with denims to specify the type of event he was going to :) These come in sizes for older boys so if you want one for a more formal event or the upcoming thanksgiving then this is the right one to pick.

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