Labor Day Weekend Is Coming!

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This is the total wardrobe 101 if you’re struggling to pick out something for your loves for the Labor Day Weekend. It’s a real bummer saying goodbye to summer with all its barbeques, sparklers and the beach. Fortunately, summer is not yet officially out so you still have a shot at getting the most out of it before it runs out. Labor Day Weekend is also around the corner, which means a longer weekend for that vacation you’ve been looking forward to. Our premium boutiques are filled with classy outfits for your little darling and they are absolutely adorable. 

This collection is made for spring and summer so you’re in luck! If you have both boys and girls, I’m sure you’ll find a piece that sticks to your heart. The tutu combos make hearts melt and have a playful vibe that little girls cherish deeply. The prints are only a cherry on top. Boys tee’s have an endless variety so you’re spoilt for choice. Grab a light jersey for the night events just in case it gets a little chilly.

Yes, we’re all jumping into this weekend and whatever else it has to offer at Egg! Wherever you end up this weekend,  we have no doubt that there’s a lot of jumping, skipping and rolling that’ll end up involved. Our special Fall collection comes in at the very perfect second including free fitting clothes that won’t hold your child back as they dance their vacation away. The boys will adorn stylish smart casual pieces such as the one worn by our fetching model! If your little girl loves stars, she’ll no doubt love the Egg star-printed leggings. They are perfect for an energetic princess who wants the most out of her long labor weekend.

If you happen to be at a posh hotel this Labor weekend, your little boy will very much appreciate clothing that is snuggly. Quality shouln’t be compromised on, which is why the chilled premium outfits shown above are an absolute win. The cute dark onesie is an instant love before we even consider its texture and usability benefits. Pick the denim jadget for its edge and guaranteed warmth and cool hoodie. 

Aw, man our Bobbi sets are just the cutest next best thing after rompers. More than that we can’t get over the new colors! These are perfect for that cutie who’s still crawling but kinda walking too now. They’ll be easy to change them in and out of so you won’t miss a second of your vacation. Convenient for both outdoor and indoor occasions, this little number will keep your little love bunch warm and unbelievably comfy.

If you have events lined up that are a bit more formal but not too formal, denim and pants are a safe route to take. It spells out fun without sidelining class. We’re all drawn to a perfect gentleman and this match-up definitely has that effect.  The brown buttons give it a down-to-earth  quality which is alluring at such kind of events.  You’ll also find different variations of this denim shirt and if denim isn’t for you then the Egg boutique still has so many other fab options for you to consider.

For the glitz and glam destinations, we wear sparkly outfits! If you know this is something your little duchess can say, then she should definitely be the life of the party this Labor Weekend with this jacket. It has a girly hot pink shade marinated with irresistable glitter which we absolutely adore. The best part about owning this beauty is that it’s wearable both in the daytime & nighttime. Grab one and make the labor weekend  a blast of sparkle!

You didn’t think this post would conclude without involving water wear, did you? What says holiday better than beach wear? Prints matched with illustrations create sophistication through an artistic edge that children need to feel for their creativity and imagination. These patterns come in a variety of shades and sizes as shown by our models. This beach wear collection undoubtedly has Instagram worthy pieces.

At Egg we believe that mommies should also be celebrated on Labor Day for endless hours of work that bring order, love and make the world a better place. Have a fantastic and looong Labor Day weekend sipping your favorite beverages with a god-awesome view. 

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