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When are PJ’s not a trend? The only true way to nod off into snoozeville is wearing comfy, elegant wear that is sure to make your little one look glam. Egg is also known for premium bedtime pieces that not only look amazing but are also safe for your darling’s skin and overall health. This season we collected a few more pieces from our Instagram feed that we can’t stop gushing over. Our models did an excellent job of showing off the PJ’s and you can tell that they had a fabulous time doing it too!



Let’s be honest, nobody likes boring PJ’s. The surest way to spice up any piece of fashion is by using fun prints. These give a personality to the outfit and we know that your child’s creativity can be at its peak at bedtime. This, ofcourse, can work both in your favor or make you lose sleep. Either way, we believe prints on PJ’s are a total must.

Oh Baby, indeed! Baby onesies easily pass off as attire for any time of the day due to their extreme convenience. Print-filled as expected, its not hard to understrand why our cute models took an immediate liking to them. They are soft, eye-catching and they protect the knees for an ultimate crawling experience!

Ugh, isn’t he so adorable? Prints are awesome, but stripes are a match made in heaven. This onesie is basically a premium playsuit and will function perfectly as an attire for kindergarten. Its free-fitting and won’t restrict your cutie’s activities. 

Classic Zipper Footies, can’t be absent from a new-borns wardrobe. Footies are extra special because they provide extra comfort and warmth as compared to a classic romper. We adore these specific pieces because their prints paint pleasant imagery of stars, moons and unicorns!

This sleeping sweetheart was not a model but their lovely parent sent us this photograph to show us just how much she adores the onesie Egg merch.  The Egg logo engraved at the foot of the piece is adorable and the colors go along well with the little dinasaurs on the print. These come in different forms and prints so we know you’ll find just the perfect one for your little one in our boutique.

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Egg New York hatched in 2003 when designer Susan Lazar decided to create a lifestyle brand with a “soul” that focuses on the love that exists between parents and their children. 

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