Our favorite first photoshoot outfits

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The first birthday photoshoot can be a whole plethora of emotions. First, there’s the unending change of clothes and diapers, getting your little one to notice the camera and milk-breaks. It’s meant to be fun and adventurous both for you and your little darling because you both worked hard to get to this point. We never feel like we’ll be THAT mom who goes the extra mile for a first birthday photoshoot but why shouldn’t we be? Picking perfect and memorable outfits shouldn’t be one of the things you fret about. Here is a quick list of all the outfits we absolutely adore for that first moment of glory.



Lighter shades have an angelic feel to them that is irresistable especially for babies. We also love that these are pieces that aren’t much of a hassle on the dressing and re-dressing part.  Your sweet-cheeked one year old will look flawless and their siblings can join them wearing almost similar outfits.  Pretty convenient, might we say!

This is truly a wear-everywhere romper and that’s why we’re taking it to the photography studio! Cute little shoes or any other selected accessories are sure to bring suave to this chic romper. Trust us, there is no terrible way of wearing it. Whether you prefer an indoor or outdoor shoot, this piece will fit right into any frame!

If you hadn’t considered the Myla Romper for any kind of event, then here’s the opportunity to.  The embroidery work on it is excellent and you can easily tell by the detail on it that it was premium made as well.  For that chic boho baby look, this is definitely an appropriate pick. Best for the outdoors and bursts of color.

Our collection of baby basics never disappoints. These come in a whole range of colors that are sure to spark your interest.  Apart from that, they are cotton-soft, pleasing to the eye and easy to put on.  The light colors are minimalistic and look great in photographs. Your little gentleman deserves to look fabulous.

Let’s be realistic. Your baby isn’t going to make it through the whole event with their pretty little eyes open. This will still serve you well, because, you know, they are still cute either way! Our Bobbi sets are a fashion statement in the baby world and mothers love them dearly. Super cosy for newborns, they will probably drive your cutie to sleep but that won’t be entirely inconvenient for the shoot!

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