Elks & Angels Snuggle Pod


The Elks & Angels Snuggle Pod is perfect for every single season! It provides a cozy cocoon around baby that make them feel safe and secure. This miracle fiber keeps baby warm and dry in harsh winters and cool in warmer months.
Shearling is renowned for its powerful benefits that help calm and nurture babies. The Snuggle Pod traps a baby's body heat in a micro climate around them and retains the body's own temperature rather than overheating.
Product Details:
* Lined with soft and silky 100% Australian sheepskin.
* Nylon outer protects from wind and rain and is easy to spot clean.
* Not itchy, it is like silk and velvet on your baby's skin.
* Universal 5 point harness.
* Unfolds into a portable play mat.
* Back Velcro straps prevent slippage.
* Top panel can be removed for use as a single back panel.

Additional Information
Weight 2 lbs


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